The Good, the Bad, the Embarrassing -- The Kind of Mom I am, in 100 words

Why my kids think I'm the worst mom ever:
1) I make them kiss unknown relatives, try weird-looking food, and fix messes they didn't make.
2) I pick them up late from school because I lose track of time.
3) I nag and yell. A lot.
4) I won't buy them an iPad or a puppy.
5) I give them embarrassing nicknames (schatzy, chabo, kick-kick).

Why my kids think I'm the best mom ever:
1) They actually love those nicknames (in private).
2) I love watching cartoons.
3) I'm generous with ice-cream scoops.
4) I'm great at planning fun outings and adventures.
5) We snuggle together each and every night.

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