User Post: Because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Words have always been my thing. That's why I appreciate a really well-written novel, a wonderfully scripted movie, and the artfully presented witty one-liners. Most of all though, that is why as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a writer.

I have tried my hand at various mediums within the field, but admittedly seem to have found my niche in blogging. And now that I get paid to do it, I really can call myself a writer. Yay! I am a writer. It's just the beginning and I have a long way to go.

The funny thing is that I seem to have been encouraging my kids in similar ways through the years. I remember when they were younger and it was just the three of us much of the time. We'd spend hours in the library every week picking out books. We'd spend hours every night lounging around the living room, or my bedroom, reading together. Those were some of our happiest moments, now my happiest memories.

And so they seem to have developed as much of an appreciation for books and writing as I have. My teenage son has been writing a story for quite some time. It has action and adventure, everything a boy who has spent too many afternoons playing video games holds dear. Finishing this story is one of the items he put on his list for the year. Naturally, I am ridiculously proud.

Then there's my daughter. She's a junior. *gulp* Yes, she's about to leave the nest. I have one more year to make an impact, prepare her for life before she's on her own, living life on her terms. It's scary. And at the same time, I want her to have so many wondrous opportunities. As much as I hate the idea of her leaving, I want her to experience so many things.

That's why Rachel and I started a new project this year. My baby's a blogger. Yes, if you give your kid a laptop...(think If You Give a Pig A Pancake)...she's gonna want to get online with it. And if she's online, you'll want her to be productive. I wanted her to stand out from the crowd in the sea of college applications. What better way than through an established blog that features her art work? (She plans to major in art. It's a little vague, but it's a start.)

So on Peace, Love, Jute, Rachel shares her personality. She's clever. Don't believe me? Read the back story of her fish. She's funny. And she's talented. Best of all, we're blogging and bonding while I help her grow.

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