User Post: Dear Kids, Do Not Follow In My Footsteps Into Journalism... If You Can Help It

Just about every journalist I know has steered their children away from a career in journalism. I consider myself pretty fortunate to still be employed in the TV news business since I have many friends who are now unemployed or in other fields of work. I joined my current workplace after being squeezed out of another Chicago station where I had worked for nine years. My husband is a former network correspondent who now works in financial services.

Like many industries, broadcast news is constantly changing due to technology. And that's allowed television stations to operate with far fewer people. The changes are painful but managers are surely thinking, "It's not personal, it's business." In general, salaries have come down significantly due to the glut of newly-graduated or out-of-work journalists and a very limited number of jobs. Whenever new interns show up in any newsroom, someone will often joke, "Get out while you still can. You don't want to work here!"

I have worked hard to adapt how I go about covering news in order to stay ahead and employed. Social media skills and a strong web presence are now broadcasting basics. Luckily, I love technology and grew up with two computer-savvy brothers. They work in technology - a booming field in which quality employees are in demand.

But my love for words and writing led me into journalism. My husband and I have encouraged both my son and daughter to read, read, read. The word "like" is only allowed as a verb. And I force my kids to play Scrabble with me whenever I can. Throughout the years, they've heard us lamenting about the TV news biz. But I've also admitted to them, I love it. I work with words and get to investigate and tell interesting stories on a regular basis.

For work, I recently got to interview employment expert John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas. We were discussing the hot industries for finding jobs in 2011. But it can be hard for people already trained in one industry to suddenly find work in another industry. So I asked what college degrees kids should be seeking. He said it's tough to tell kids what to major in. They have to follow their passion and talent. Yikes, I've taught my kids to love words. Are there any jobs out there for Scrabble players?

Nancy Loo is a Reporter/Fill-In Anchor at WGN-TV in Chicago. She blogs regularly about her television adventures at "Big Tiny World" and you can find her many social media links here. She is also a member of the Yahoo! Mother Board, a vibrant group of mom bloggers from around the country.