Could you turn a personal need into a successful small business?

Yvonne Condes wanted three definitive things for her life that came down to one valid question: What's life without a cupcake?

She wanted to feel better in her body after some uncomfortable baby weight gain. She wanted to help her husband who has Celiac disease to be able to really enjoy a gluten-restricted diet. And she dreamed of being a humor writer.

While the goals might appear to be very different, Yvonne found a thread to connect them all -- putting her focus on health to work. Literally.

To take care of herself, she started running. Because she loves to bake, she wanted to whip up goodies with her kids that her husband could also enjoy, which led to developing recipes for healthier, gluten-free treats. To take care of other people with gluten restrictions, she started selling her cupcakes and cookies at farmers markets, in stores, and online. Finally, to tend her desire to write, she started up a blog that tracks her life as a mom and entrepreneur. With that,Yvonne's commitment to a healthy body, healthy eating, and a healthy sense of humor were all brought together.

Here, Yvonne explains how she's making it all work and how raising a toast to the perfect (gluten-free) cupcake has changed her life for good.

What are your tips for moms just getting started?

What personal needs do you have that have made your business or could make a business boom?