How do you go from work to home?

We're all trying hard to be supermoms. Or superdads. Or supergrandparents. Or superpeople in our own extremely busy lives. Not only do we have six project binders on our desk at work, we have ten piles of bills and school calendars and must-reads on our desks at home. The demands on our lives come from all angles and can feel big.

So how can you take off your professional cape and put on the one you wear in the comfort of your own home without getting even more stressed out, exhausted, or busy? Lylah Alphonse, who can be found writing and editing all over the Internet -- on Shine, at The Boston Globe, and on Write Edit Repeat -- as well as prepping lightning-quick meals for her husband and five children and stepchildren, has simple, smart, easy-to-implement ideas on how to make that transition go smoothly for the whole family.

Here, Lylah shares her favorite tips for the critical minutes (or hours) between your heroic efforts at work and those at home.

What helps you transition between time at your job and your time with your family?

What hasn't worked?