How to make your sex life steamy again after a baby

No matter how self-confident, ramped up, or uninhibited you once were, having a child (or two or three) can wipe most (or all) of that away in the blink of a birth. The phenomenal thing is, your sexuality is not gone for good once you start nursing, dust-busting fishy crackers, and wrangling kids, Legos, and Polly Pockets.

Kristen Chase, a college professor turned sex writer, is the mother of (nearly) four who wrote the blog and the book Mominatrix on making your sex life hot, active, and a priority even in the midst of parenting chaos and exhaustion. Kristen's tips are tried (oh yes, she's tried them all) and true (she even spills personal stories in her book) to help other mothers go from feeling like nursing machines, snack slingers and car-pool chaffeurs to feeling like a vixen in their own lives.

Here, Kristen shares how she reinvented her own sensual self and offers us tips on how to get back in our own groove.

What are your own reinvention suggestions? Is your post-baby sex life smoking hot? What helps you keep the fires burning?

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