Tiny alterations for much healthier eating

Getting healthy can feel like a monumental task, whether your goal is to lose five little pounds or overhaul your eating completely.

Shannon Hoehnen is the blogger behind The Daily Balance and a regular contributor to Shine whose own health reinvention shows that it's possible to break down those big goals into smaller, more manageable, and even delicious tasks. By reworking favorite recipes, continuing to enjoy desserts, and scouting out menus before eating at restaurants, Shannon has deleted many of calories and fat grams from her own diet while still finding ways to have fun cooking, cherish chocolate, and eat varied foods.

She's culled many recipes and tips in her own kitchen and now offers them up to readers who are interested in living a more healthful life. Take a peek at some of Shannon's favorite ways to choose healthier foods and how she's incorporated them into her own daily life.

Would you try any of Shannon's tips for eating healthier when you're craving sweets or want to eat out? What's your favorite healthy eating tip?

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