How to resist your #1 diet weakness

What's the hardest part about weight loss? Visual temptations. I just had a friend over last night who has a show on the Food Network. The conversation turned to willpower-shattering temptations, and one person said their only dietary weakness was seeing chocolate on their kitchen counter.

It reminded me of the Song of the Siren Slurpee.

Twenty years ago, a roommate of mine who had a weakness for Slurpees found himself stopping at a specific 7-11 convenience store each afternoon. He just could not help himself. Every time he slowed down at the stoplight, his said his car became possessed and turned into the 7-11 parking lot. (Slurp these healthy smoothies instead!)

As time passed and his clothes started becoming tight, he decided if he could not keep his car from driving into 7-11, he would take a different route home, zig-zagging around the 7-11. If the siren song of 7-11 or of Dunkin Donuts is too difficult to resist, there are two choices: Lash yourself to the steering wheel, or don't drive by them. (Discover how to lose the last 10 pounds!)

What's your irresistible temptation?

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