New! Skincare for the Athletic and Exercise-Minded

After finishing a 111-day run last year across the Sahara Desert , endurance athlete Charlie Engle had an idea. Why not create a skincare line designed to help pros and amateurs alike prepare, perform, and recover from all manner of sports? And so, presumably after a few weeks of rest, he gathered a collection of swimmers, snowboarders, basketball players, and soccer players and developed Mission Skincare, a range of athlete-tested products for everyone active. We have no grand-scale athletic ambitions-although we do try to exercise regularly-but there are a few items in the Mission range that are just as helpful off the field as on: Its sweat-proof sunscreen with SPF 30 and antiaging technology is key, say, for that walk from the office to Starbucks (the far one, when the line at the closer one is too long to bear), and its high-performance anti-friction cream is a savior when extended stiletto-wearing threatens to wreak havoc on the backs of your ankles. It's legitimately tough stuff that looks your everyday skincare challenges in the face and says, "Game on."

Photo: Courtesy of Mission Skincare


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