Summer beauty guide: Everything you need to know, all in one little blog

I honestly can't believe the skin-baring, warm weather season is starting up again and I (probably like many of you) feel like a pale, flabulous, unshaven, wild cave lady. Summer snuck up on me again!

Well, we've thank goodness we've been here before and so we have lots of tips for solving everything from shaving bumps and neverending leg stubble to frizzy hair and a greasy face. Click on the links below, become magically healed.

Our grossest summer beauty problems (and some great solutions)

It's exposed feet season! Three ways to make yours look pretty

Hello Casper, it's me Bronzer! How to get a tan fast without looking like an Oompa Loompa

Countdown to the beach: How do you de-fuzz your areas?

Goodbye hellish red bumps! Three products to guarantee you'll never have an ingrown hair again (well maybe one)