Tell me: What's your summer body dread?

If you're like me, and 98.5% of the women I know, the approach of warmer weather dredges up a whole mess of body image issues. A brief and informal poll of my friends, co-workers and the group I see everyday on my commute yielded some pretty interesting (and pretty specific) complaints. And it's not just the inevitable weight loss worries, though three different people wailed, and I quote: "I need to lose at LEAST 12 pounds" (why 12 and not 10 or 15 I'll never know).

But it was the other stuff, little flaws, personal pet peeves that I found most surprising, or as one co-worker lamented, "I CANNOT wear short sleeves until I do something about the oatmeal color of my skin." Here, a few more random samplings of what's filling my friends with more anxiety than the swine flu:

"The underside of my arms"
"My Butt My Butt My Butt"
"The weird spider veins all over my ankles. They make me want to invent summer boots"
"The way the insides of my thighs rub together when I wear a skirt"

What's YOUR summer body dread? Let me know!!!!

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