Used bathing suit anyone?

Now, I know that what I'm about to propose might sound as grody to some of you as the idea of eating toenails, but listen: Vintage bathing suits are cute! And germs can be washed away! I'll admit, there is a weird ick factor surrounding not-new swimwear that makes some folks feel mighty hesitant, and on top of that there's the fit issue, which is always challenging/nightmarish-even more so when an item can't be returned.

What about used shoes from eBay? Scary or fine?

However, I'm still going to argue that the merits of a glam retro one-piece, an '80s-fabulous version like this, or a flirty shorts-kini that covers up a lumpy belly far outweigh the minor hygienic risks. Plus, they're cheap! Okay. Let the debate begin.

PS. You can also check out great online sources for new suits by clicking here.

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