Give yourself an egg white face-lift

Egg whites aren't as glamorous as a swanky miracle cream or nearly as dramatic as a quick-fix cosmetic procedure, but they provide temporary firming to the skin. This refrigerator face-lift ingredient begins as a clear, gloopy substance but quickly dries, tightening and drying the skin slightly. It's true that egg whites offer only a temporary fix but long-term use means longer-term benefits. If you have oily or combination skin, you'll reap double the rewards from an egg white face-lift -- even skin and firmness.

Try these three, easy face-lift ideas using common items from your pantry and refrigerator. Remember to apply these mixtures to freshly washed, but dry skin. If you have egg allergies, you'll have to skip these skin treatments. Don't apply lifting potions to your eye skin. Sensitive eye skin may burn.

Eggs and honey: Gross, you say? The results are anything but! Combine the astringency of the egg white with a teaspoon of honey and you've got a healthy face lift. Whip some up in a cup then apply the mixture to the skin using a light upward stroke. Pay attention to the skin around the nose and mouth. Wait 10 minutes, then rinse the egg white away. Instant lift! For added skin comfort, add one drop of tea tree oil to the mix before applying it to the skin.

Eggs and avocado: Blend the white of one large egg in a blender along with a small, peeled avocado. Drop in one drop of chamomile essential oil. The mixture will be cooling to your skin and thick. Rub it on using a soft patting motion. Allow the mixture to rest up to 30 minutes, then rinse it away with warm water.

Eggs and apples: Peel and slice an apple, then toss away the core. Place the apple, along with one egg white, into a food processor. Pulse the apple and egg and until the apple becomes mushy. Like the scent of soothing lavender? Drop in one or two drops of lavender essential oil then pulse for a few seconds. Exfoliate and lift your skin by applying the mixture with your fingers. Rinse the apple pulp away and you'll see tighter, firmer looking skin.

If you have sensitive skin, test your egg recipe on the arm before applying it to the face. Examine the skin after the treatment and don't apply it to your face if you see reddening of the skin. If no skin problems appear, you can use this treatment once a week or more, as needed.

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