Britney’s dad bans her from going braless

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesAs many of you may know, Britney Spears was in rough shape a while back, and her father gained legal control over her finances and put some serious regulations on how she lived her life. While it was difficult to hear about, perhaps Britney being on house arrest wasn't the worst idea--it gave her time to regroup out of the public eye. Now that she's proven herself stable and completed a successful album tour, Britney has a lot more freedom, but there's one thing her father still wants control over: her breasts. Let us explain. Jamie Spears, 57, is embarrassed that his 28-year-old daughter sometimes leaves the house without a bra. He is demanding that she not leave home without one, and has even threatened to fire one of her security guards who supposedly allowed her to be photographed braless by paparazzi.

"Jamie's control over Britney's life is incredible," a friend told the Sun. "He hates the pictures of her with her nipples all over the place so he has banned her from leaving the house without a bra. He wants her to put across the right impression." Excuse us, but first of all, how were her "nipples all over the place"?! Secondly, sometimes your nipples show through your shirt even when you have a bra on. How is Britney supposed to help that? Are visible nipples really a big deal? And is her creepy dad doing bra inspections every time she leaves the house?

Britney's friend said her father treats her "like a child" but that he "means it all for the best." Ugh. We're not so sure.

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