15 unexpected things we’re grateful for

photo via Flickr user Shimellephoto via Flickr user ShimelleWe're closing in on the holiday season where talking about what we're grateful for is part of the drill. And actually, we're really grateful for that. Studies show what most of us already knew to be true: that savoring the delights in your life contributes to feelings of happiness. We're grateful for the big stuff, of course, like our health and a roof over our heads. But we thought we'd kick off the season with an ode to the little joys we're counting our lucky stars for.

Red holiday Starbucks cups. Even if we prefer to drink our coffee at home, there's something about the sight of those cheery cups that's just puts us in a better mood.

YouTube videos that still
make us laugh. We've seen that one with the sneezing panda, like, 15 times, and still think it's criminally cute. Charlie biting his brother and Christian the Lion? They just never get old.

Half-price Halloween candy. Fun-sized Snickers and mini-packs of M&M's for cheap? We're all over that.

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The cold snap in the air. We might have resisted it at first, but now we're feeling pretty enchanted by crisp, sunny days that make us plunge our hands into our pockets. But no way are we ready for gloves yet.

Reading our horoscope. Does it always come true? Nope. But we do we like the suggestion that Venus coming out of retrograde will change the entire make-up of our lives? You betcha.

A stack of books on the bedside table. We may not finish learning how to get our finances into shipshape, memorize some Chinese poetry, figure how to be an awesome parent, or turn the last page of Jane Eyre before they're all due back at the library, but we sure do like the challenge.

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Conan's return to TV. What can we say? We've got a soft-spot for giant, witty redheads.

Apple cider. Seriously, why isn't this enjoyed all year? We suppose its seasonality is part of its charm. A delightful companion to all sorts of grown-up drinks starring bourbon and whiskey, we also love it served warm and sipped out of our favorite mug.

"Sick" days. As teenagers, we called them mental health days, and as adults we need them even more than we did then. Thank heavens for the kind of self-care that requires a corner of the couch, gal pal shows, and catching up on our magazines.

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Morning Glory. We'd probably stand in line to see the always smart girl's-girl Rachel McAdams play a Buddhist monk. But make her a scrappy television producer instead, throw Diane Keaton in the mix, and we'll meet you at the cineplex in 15 minutes.

The return of flannel. It's that cozy time of year again. We're swapping our percale for snow-print flannel, our vintage slip for something plaid and floor-length. Call us delusional, but we think it's sort of fetching in an Amish way.

Young adult literature. It's not just the Twilight books and Harry Potter. We love diving into Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables for their spirited heroines and simpler times.

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Etsy. We shamelessly troll for vintage houseware treasures on our lunch hour, but this mega-site of vintage and handmade goods sold by super nice small businesses has put beautifully-crafted, personalized holiday cards within our grasp.

Washing the dishes. Hear us out. It's not the actual chore that we go for, but everyone knows that Thanksgiving's Real Talk happens in the kitchen over the sudsy sink. Ironically, when we're cleaning up is when we get the real dirt.

You guys. Aww, come on, you knew this was coming. We're so glad for a sense of community--with our families, in the neighborhood, and on the web. Thanks for being lively, out-spoken, and thoughtfully opinionated.

Add the little, out-of-the-ordinary, unexpected things you're grateful for in the comments!