Mullet Wars: Chelsea Handler vs. Anne Hathaway in Elizabeth & James

Is anyone else just BAFFLED at how long people have been riding the mullet dress train (pun intended)? I’m completely flummoxed; flabbergasted even. I guess I should have had a bit more faith in the business-like front and party-style back that gives said dress it’s name.

Here we have an adorable black and white striped stretch-cotton version from Elizabeth & James, cut on the bias and therefore infinitely more flattering on a woman’s body, as those magical Olsens clearly know. It (the “Claudia” dress) retails for $285, which is high, no? Then again, it hails from the evil (genious) minds who created a $39,000 backpack, so nothing really surprises me anymore.

Eric Charbonneau/Getty

On the left we have Chelsea Handler, a woman so hilarious that the mere mention of her name alone sets off a flurry of giggles from yours truly at a couple NSFW (not safe for work) things I’ve read in her books over the years. She wore the “Claudia” to the premiere of her movie “This Means War” and she styled it with black and white leather pumps, a mirrored box clutch, vampy black nails and tousled blonde waves.

GVK/bauergriffinonline Anne Hathaway is on the right. She exited LAX airport in slow motion (I imagine), the tail of her dress flowing lightly in the light breeze as her hair danced around her face. Chic black sunglasses, a black leather tote, simple thong sandals and a quirky black floral choker completed her pared-down look.

I actually like and respect both of these women immensely and equally, so it pains me to have to choose which one looked cuter in a striped dress. I’m oversensitive; whatever. Decision: Anne. The cotton and stripes make it a LITTLE bit too casual for a film premiere, especially if you’re one of the stars. What do you think?

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