Snooki: Knocked Up and Knocking Off

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but try telling that to the late Alexander "Lee" McQueen whose iconic knuckleduster clutches have been almost identically reproduced for Nicole Polizzi's online fashion marketplace, The Snooki Shop. A mere $49.99 secures you the "Dusk 'Til Dawn" - -  a convertible black faux-leather purse whose "one-of-a-kind silver skull knuckle ring boasts opulence and is an edgy choice for a night on the town." Unfortunately, one-of-a-kind means original, and this convertible clutch is anything but.

What's truly mind-blowing about this rip-off is that Snooki (or whomever does the actual "designing") hasn't really taken any artistic initiative at all, minus the choice to make the purse convertible. If you look at the ring conglomerate, everything is the exact same; the gemstones are even in the same place and the skulls are turned the same way! All in all: not cool, Snooks.

In conclusion and somewhat related-ly, I offer you the following public service announcement. While this is a clear and absolute theft of someone's creativity and imagination, I am in no way endorsing the negative judgement of a (yes, admittedly out-there and totally wacky) woman and her decision to have a baby. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has the right to create three hundred artificially-tan, hair-extensioned, leopard mini dress-wearing miniature humans if she wants to; she does not have the right to create knocked-off purses. There is a difference. Crimes against fashion, people, not against women. 

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