New Blog Focuses on Mom Style

A new blog highlights mom style. Photo courtesy of ElizabethStreet.comA new blog highlights mom style. Photo courtesy of ElizabethStreet.comWe always read about stylish teens, stylish 20-somethings, and even stylish old ladies, but what about stylish moms? A new blog called Elizabeth Street launched today that targets mothers with an eye for style. According to their mission statement, the site "covers fashion, travel, activities, culture, philanthropy and lifestyle with a unique voice geared towards moms who want the best for themselves and their families." Obviously, we're in love.

The street style section is our favorite since it features tastemaker mommies from around the globe. It's so cool to see what moms are wearing everywhere from New York to Madrid and learn a little about each stylish lady. For example, Jess Afshar of Kansas City is a former Air Force service member, cancer survivor, User Experience architect at a digital marketing agency, fashion blogger, and mom to an 8-year-old boy. She inspires us! Or Sophie Trauttenberg of Vienna (left), who is a homemaker with two young children. Her favorite accessories are bracelets because "they keep the kids busy." Or Bettina Reali of Paris (below), an architect who may have the best style we've ever seen. We could browse these profiles for hours.

You can be a great mom and not wear sweatpants. Photo courtesy of ElizabethStreet.comYou can be a great mom and not wear sweatpants. Photo courtesy of ElizabethStreet.comDo you make three meals a day, go to work, take kids to swimming lessons, and read bedtime stories all while looking fab? You can be Elizabeth Streets next featured mom with a quick submission (go on, you know you've got what it takes).

If you're more of a voyer, you can read up on stylish kids clothing, miracle skin care products, toy and book reviews, children's room decor, and profiles of mom entrepreneurs. Elizabeth Street is "where stylish moms meet" and we plan on hanging out there regularly.

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