Announcing the Winner of the Shine Birthday Cake Contest!

The winning cake by Sara's CakesWe're delighted to announce the winner in the Shine Birthday Cake Contest. You cast your votes and the winner--with 1534 votes--is Sara'sCakes! Sara, we'll be contacting you directly about your prize. A huge thank you to everyone for baking, voting, and participating in our great big community birthday celebration. Here's to another happy (and delicious!) year on Shine!

5 Things That Blew Us Away About Your Cakes

1. You totally nailed our logo. How did you perfect that swaying "i" in icing? We have no idea, but we were mega impressed.

2. You captured the spirit of Shine in a cake.
The whimsy! The fun! The color palette! Well done!

3. You've got an eye for detail.
Buttercream swirls and cherry blossoms, fondant figures, fresh flowers--they're almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

4. You proved they were edible.
As if the sight of all these cakes wasn't enough to get us craving cupcakes the size of our heads, you revealed the insides of your cakes: lines of sweet icing suspended between layers of tender cake. We die.

5. You actually did it.
We know you're a busy bunch. You've got kids and jobs, gym dates and taxes to file (April 17, people!). But the fact that you rose to the challenge, got out your mixing bowls and preheated the oven? Pretty much the best birthday present ever.

Did you love the baking challenge? Be sure to join this month's Shine Supper Club. We're announcing the theme tomorrow!